Introducing AI-enhanced anthropology to audience building in European film

PUBLIKUM is a sub brand fully owned by Will & Agency, developed specifically for audience building in the film industry. PUBLIKUM is built around a software platform, that helps film projects obtain a deeper connection with audiences in both home and export markets, through the analysis of audience reaction in early stages of script development.

PUBLIKUM combines anthropological research with AI-analysis, to provide filmmakers with audience awareness in the shape of deep, human insights.

With the help of AI-analysis, a huge amount of data from social- and news media are structured to create an overview of the most important ways audiences relate and connect to the chosen main themes in the treatment/script. We replace gut feelings with actual audience behaviour to help define what the audience identify with, as well as what is most valuable for the story to explore in the anthropological phase. Our analysis can be compared across segments and markets.

The service is developed in collaboration with the department of Techno-Anthropology at Aalborg University and data scientists from Trifork, an innovative software company. It is a first-of-its-kind service that helps filmmakers explore the feelings filmmakers seek to trigger in their future audience.

We launched PUBLIKUM in the beginning of 2021 and have helped 20+ international film projects in the Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark.
The platform has been presented at international film festivals like Cannes, San Sebastian, Berlin, Copenhagen and Sitges.

Since the launch of PUBLIKUM we have also launched the service in other audience- and spectator-based sectors like gaming, museums and sports.

Read more about PUBLIKUM here or here


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