Creating Denmark's new Museum of Inner and Outer Landscapes

How do we turn the everyday life of humans from 10.000 years ago into an international museum attraction?

We helped ØHAVSMUSEET in Faaborg understand how to connect modern life with ancient history and landscapes in a visitor experience that guests will find neither boring nor confusing. Our approach led to a fundamental rethinking of the museum`s concept and shifted the focus from exhibitions about the past - to a display of how visitors are psychologically affected by nature, landscapes, and culture.

Through anthropological studies of both users and non-users, Will & Agency supported the existing ØHAVSMUSEET in the transformation process by uncovering a series of insights into how people experience and consume culture and nature. The insights into how people approach these experiences, combined with an understanding of how people use nature for very personal reasons helped us to develop the concept and design principles for the museum. The museum is among the first in the world to bring the experience of nature indoor and offer visitors the opportunity to measure how different elements of nature produce different reactions in the human psychology.
Øhavsmuseet opened its doors in Faaborg, June 2021. The museums have attracted massive and positive attention from the media and reached its first-year target for visitors four times faster than estimated. We helped the museum develop the experience concept “Museum of inner and outer landscapes” (Museum for Indre og Ydre landskaber) where visitors can explore and measure how their mind responds to different types of nature and changing environments.
The tech-driven experiences guide the visitors to a very personal recognition of how nature, psychology, culture, and humans of the past and present are connected.

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Will and Agency helped us develop the overall concept for our new and innovative museum. Will & Agency are, through sharp analysis and deep insights into behaviour, very skilled in challenging the ideas we as professionals have about messaging, the needs of guests and the overall museum experience. In short, they provide relevance and attractiveness in a highly recommended package.

Peter Thor Andersen, Head of museum, Øhavsmuseet


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