Improving conversion by understanding nine shapes of happiness

Following successful launches in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, Goodiebox was hoping to achieve the same level of success in several Central European countries. Through deep analysis of the geographical markets, Will & Agency helped Goodiebox understand how the company's value proposition, "happiness" was experienced and translated across borders, and how Goodiebox could increase relevance in each of its nine local markets.
Through Mobile Ethnography, we made it possible to follow a group of European women over an entire week, where we asked them to share what made them happy across work and leisure, preparing for the day and ending it, being along and being with others, etc. We asked them to record how they shop for beauty-related products and share their experiences. We added a sociological examination of the cultural values in the nine countries to identify the rules of happiness and the legitimacy for self-indulgence. These turned out to be surprisingly different across the nine countries - even between neighbouring countries.
In one European country, pampering yourself is something you just deserve, no reason needed – and just a few hundred kilometres away in another country, it is something you earn based on an effort. Insights like these create very different demands for how to communicate and address customers. In close collaboration with the global brand and marketing team at Goodiebox, we developed local guidelines and values for each market and the improved communication instantly paid off with improved market penetration, better conversion rates and more successful launching campaigns when entering new markets.


"We have a very special relationship with our members, and we want to get a direct understanding of them and their needs. It can be extremely complex to produce meaningful insights, and not just overall considerations based on personas, but Will & Agency has helped us by providing us with a deeper understanding of our members and the role we play in their lives - across all nine markets. The project with Will & Agency has resulted in a greater clarity and improved relevance and has, among other things, contributed to clearer communication and a significant increased conversion in the markets because of the implementation of the new insights."

Nikolaj Leonhard-Hjort, Co-Founder and CMO, Goodiebox


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