Working with kidnographers to improve relevans among young people

The challenge
DR/Danish Broadcasting Corporation face the same challenge as most other public service broadcasters and many other media groups across Europe: Attracting the attention of young people and understanding how to develop content they find relevant, inspiring, and entertaining. Despite having very detailed insights into their media habits, DR still struggle to get the attention of kids, teens, and young people between the age 12 – 25 years across most platforms.
To discover new opportunities for engaging with the younger target group, we were commissioned to provide DR with a broader understanding of what it means to be young in Denmark. How do kids and young people navigate their lifeworld and what should DR do to deserve a role in their life?

The method applied
With the use of mobile ethnography, home visits and in-depth interviews we were able to register a vast number of honest dreams, concerns, aspirations, frustrations, excitement etc.
In order to avoid getting the deeper meaning wrong, by analysing the input solely through the eyes of grown-ups, we gave a group of kids and young people a crash course in the process of ethnographic research. These kidnographers were instrumental in understanding what the respondents were trying to tell us, in order to avoid producing an analysis biased with adultism.

Implementation in DR
The analysis identified five different subsegments and we developed content guidelines and recommendations for the different internal and external production units working with DR. The report has been presented to approx. 1000 Danish film- and TV professionals.

Read more about the project here and here


"We have been very pleased with the collaboration with Will & Agency on our anthropological project concerning children and young people. The process was run very rigorously, the professionalism was top notch, and the project has provided us with valuable knowledge for our work with developing relevant content for precisely these target groups."

Malene Birkebæk, Managing Editor, DR Ung / Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Youth


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